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My typical bride and groom will want their photographer around for the entire day.  I will document every moment, from getting ready in the morning with your family to your bridal party getting down on the dance floor into the night.  I don’t feel the need to charge my brides by the hour like some other photographers do.  I dedicate my whole day to you and your family.  It’s what you deserve – it’s one of your biggest days in your life after all!

It’s about family and love.

What I enjoy the most about weddings is I get to become part of your family for the day.  I get to see a bride’s mother get emotional when her daughter puts on her wedding dress.  I see the intimate moments shared between a bride and groom during their first look.  I witness a bride’s nervous and excited energy before she walks down the aisle.  I laugh and cry as moments are shared between family and friends on the dance floor.  I consider it a privilege and an honor to be a part of your family for the day. 

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Newly engaged couples are probably my favorite things to photograph. I see their love for one another and excitement for their new future together.  My clients are typically very expressive with their love for one another and they enjoy taking on life 100%.

Let me share your love story.           

Every couple I meet has a unique story.  I love finding out what makes you as a couple unique and translate that into your photos for your friends, family, and maybe one day your future children to see.   There are so many ways to tell your story through photos. The color, light, venue and pose all make a difference.  I want to be the one to give you that, let me share your love story. 

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Seniors & Portraits

Growing up I loved to draw and had a great fascination with drawing the human face.  Everything from the sparkle in the eyes, angle, shadow, and emotion conveyed intrigued me so much.  Now as a photographer, I feel drawn to (no pun intended) to capturing the human face through a lens.

Define the look.           

My portrait philosophy is bold, bright, and dynamic.  My goal is to flatter your unique face and body type and deliver the best results for your needs.  Whether you’re a high school senior looking for a photo that defines you in the yearbook, or a professional looking for a sharp LinkedIn profile picture that will help you land you the next job.  I believe my portraits stand out from the crowd. 

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